Bread, Blood, and Beyond

The Bowl

Rupe’s Info

Revolver Killgrave Double Dragon Time Wizard Deluxe!

In the town of Revolver, a traveling band of robots, dragons, bugbears, kobolds, and the like roll up and start fixing shit. Goblins? Cake. Kobolds? Pfffft. Evil Village Elders? Eat it Gramps! Dying elf on a bloodlust trip? Ok, so it took the bugbear down with it, whatevs. CASTLE FULL OF KOBOLDS, GOBLINS, GHOST KOBOLDS, GHOST BABIES, TIME WIZARDS AND TWO T-W-O 2! DRAGONS? In the aftermath, a helpful orc and the dragonborn warlord were destroyed, but not bad all things considered. Due to some Crazy Tiem Majicks, the troop can’t get back to their own time, so they’re zapped to a place and time far away… enter THE BOWL.

Intro to the Blood Fortress (Recap)

After losing their elf archer in a dispute involving a bag of woodland creatures, the crew wonders into a town held firmly in the grasp of religious zealots. The crew, alongside a not-so-zealotous paladin, are framed for the bloody mess of a woman left in an alleyway. They are sentenced to a stroll through the blood fortress, a hazardous gauntlet of hazardy hazards. Will their innocence be enough to get them through alive? We’ll have to see in the Return of the Blood Fortress, coming late 2010. (But, no, they died. All of them. So yeah…)

The Quest for Epic Bread (Recap)

A couple dragons, and SUPER-ACCURATE elf archer, a drunk dwarf who was bad at being good at things, and a demon warlock who may or may not have been the messiah battle through hordes of goblins in the caves near Loudwater in search of fame, glory, and Banana Breads! After preventing the resurrection of the Orc King, our adventurers fall through a portal in time, finding Loudwater dominated by a Necropolis on wheels. The warlock gives his life so the team may continue, and a suspiciously super-powered rogue joins up. The Necropolis’ Lich is slain, leaving behind only his robes and a loaf of ENCHANTED BANANA BREAD, and all is well with Loudwater once more… save for the whole Necropolis parking lot thing…


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