Bread, Blood, and Beyond

Revolver Killgrave Double Dragon Time Wizard Deluxe!

In the town of Revolver, a traveling band of robots, dragons, bugbears, kobolds, and the like roll up and start fixing shit. Goblins? Cake. Kobolds? Pfffft. Evil Village Elders? Eat it Gramps! Dying elf on a bloodlust trip? Ok, so it took the bugbear down with it, whatevs. CASTLE FULL OF KOBOLDS, GOBLINS, GHOST KOBOLDS, GHOST BABIES, TIME WIZARDS AND TWO T-W-O 2! DRAGONS? In the aftermath, a helpful orc and the dragonborn warlord were destroyed, but not bad all things considered. Due to some Crazy Tiem Majicks, the troop can’t get back to their own time, so they’re zapped to a place and time far away… enter THE BOWL.



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